New perspective

My sister and her boyfriend were in town today, and we decided to get lunch at our favorite place in the city. When I walked up to the restaurant, I immediately noticed the guy sitting outside. He was a guy I used to date who basically ghosted me out of nowhere, and when I finally got ahold of him, he told me that I wasn’t “marriage material.” And I was wearing the North Face fleece jacket he gave me. And he was with his new girlfriend and her parents. Everything inside me told me to run away and hide. Instead, I said no. I manned up, went inside and ordered my food, and we even ate outside at a nearby table. 

Drunk Cate was filled with drama, and would have caused a huge scene about it. But I’m not that girl anymore. Instead of freaking out, I took a hard look at the situation. We broke up because I wasn’t the type of girl he wanted/needed. And yes, he did it in an awful way, but we weren’t right together. His new girlfriend seemed very sweet and reserved, which is exactly what he wanted. I, on the other hand, have a boyfriend who is just as fun and outgoing as I am (he wasn’t with me during this interaction, he’s in Pennsylvania for the weekend). And I realized that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, and so is this guy I used to date. Why let it ruin my day? 

Of course, I still felt a little awkward sitting at a table near them. I still wanted to run. But I feel like it was progress over who I used to be and how I would have reacted even a few months ago.

Though I still find it hilarious I was wearing the jacket he gave me.

5 thoughts on “New perspective

  1. One of the weirdest revelations I had when I first stopped drinking was that awkward situations were easier and better sober. I was in control. If I did or didn’t want to say or do anything it was ALL in my control. Who would have thought?
    Go you!

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  2. Well done! As someone told me recently, “If you’re scared to do something, just do it scared.” You did just that. It isn’t easy, but it’s so much easier to do when sober. As MilesAway says, you’re in control. It’s wonderful that sobriety gives us the ability to choose.

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